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Emergency Preparedness

Be Prepared!

The Village of Harrison Hot Springs and the District of Kent are partners in the Kent-Harrison Joint Emergency Program (KHJEP).

Emergency Social Services is provided under the Kent-Harrison Community Disaster Program that provides short-term services (generally up to 72 hours) to preserve the emotional and physical well being of evacuees and response workers in emergency situations. This assistance includes food, lodging, clothing, emotional support and family reunification.

The Village of Harrison Hot Springs and the District of Kent work together to provide assistance under the program in the event of emergency or disaster.   For further information on the Emergency Social Services Program, please contact the District of Kent, 7170 Cheam Avenue, Agassiz, BC or call 604-796-2235 Attention: ESS Coordinator.  

While we cannot predict when an emergency situation will occur, we can all work to be as prepared as possible.

Website Resources: 

Apps to Download to Stay Informed:

  • BC Wildfire Service App - Shows near real-time wildfire information
  • Alertable App - Emergency notifications specific to the area that you are in

For information on emergency management in BC and a list of Prepared BC emergency guides, please visit Emergency Management in B.C.