2022 Pay Parking Changes

2022 Pay Parking Changes
May 13, 2022

Beginning on May 15th, 2022, the following changes to the Pay Parking program will be implemented:

Time Limited Parking Stalls
Addition of free 15-minute parking stalls: Zone 1 – 2 stalls, Zone 2 – 2 stalls. Please pay close attention to signage that identifies these stalls. Time limits will be strictly enforced.

Block 4 Parking
Parking stalls will be reconfigured and marked to clearly differentiate between boat launch parking (vehicles with trailers only) and pay parking along Esplanade Avenue, between Chehalis Street and Spruce Street. Please see the attached map for details.

EV Charging Cost Recovery
To offset the cost of electricity and encourage user turnover to allow for more vehicles to access the chargers, a premium will be applied to all public EV charging stalls during the pay parking season and a set rate for the remainder of the year. These rates will apply to the charging stations on Esplanade Avenue and Maple Street and at the Tourist Information Centre. A 4-hour time limit at all stalls with an EV charger will be strictly enforced.

EV Stall Rates
May 15 – Sept 15 $7 per hour
Sept 16 – May 14 $2 per hour
Please note that payment for EV charging must be made on the Parkedin mobile payment platform.
Payment is not accepted at meters.

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