Old Settler Pub Temporary Expanded Service Area License Change

April 19, 2022

TAKE NOTICE THAT LTK Investments Ltd. dba Old Settler Pub of 220 Cedar Avenue, Harrison Hot Springs has applied to the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) for a structural change to their existing Temporary Expanded Service Area (TESA) Liquor Primary Licence in order to facilitate permanent licencing of their outdoor patio area. 

AND TAKE NOTICE THAT the Local Government is required to gather community input to consider the application.

  1. The existing outdoor patio service area was approved under a Temporary Expanded Service Area which was authorized by the LCRB to support the hospitality industry’s economic recovery through the COVID-19 pandemic and will expire on March 31, 2023.   
  2. The LCRB has invited Licencees who wish to obtain permanent status of an outdoor patio area to now apply for permanent licencing.
  3. The application is proposing permanent status of the existing outdoor patio service area which consists of 2688 sq. ft. with a proposed person capacity of 100 persons.

If you have any concerns regarding the proposed  application, please submit your comments to info@harrisonhotsprings.ca or drop them off at the Village Office by May 2, 2022.

View the notice here