Speed Limit Reduction to Increase Road Sharing Safety

Public Notice image stating "Speed Limit Changes"
October 28, 2022

October 28, 2022

On July 7, 2022 Council approved a speed limit change to all roads under the authority of the Village of Harrison Hot Springs.

The speed limit through residential neighbourhoods will be reduced to 40 km/hr within the Village starting this fall. You will see crews putting up the new slower speed limit signs throughout the community and the police will begin enforcement once the changeover is complete.

The change stems from a recommendation in the Village’s Active Transportation Master Plan which called for a community wide speed limit reduction.

Reducing speed limits in our neighborhoods increases livability by helping pedestrians, cyclists and motorists share the road more safely.  Vulnerable users such as children, cyclists, the elderly, and people with disabilities were considered when making this decision.  Another benefit of cars slowing down is that greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption are reduced. This will help the Village reduce our community carbon footprint and meet Provincial emission reduction targets. 

This initiative does not apply to Provincial arterial roads such as Hot Springs Road or the portion of Lillooet Avenue east of the intersection with Hot Springs Road.  The speed limits in the commercial area and school zone also remain unchanged.