Statement to the Public and to Staff

Statement to Public and Staff
February 15, 2023

Statement to the Public and to Staff - Village of Harrison Hot Springs

Council for the Village of Harrison Hot Springs would like to advise the community that after seven years with the Village and twenty-five years of dedicated service to local governments across British Columbia, that Madeline McDonald is retiring from her position as Chief Administrative Officer for the Village effective January 31, 2023. During her tenure she brought a lot of value to the community in terms of infrastructure upgrades and economic development and leaves the community in a sound financial position. The Village appreciates her many contributions to the community over the last seven years and sincerely wishes her well in her retirement. Ms. McDonald is most proud of the team she helped build over her time with the Village and is confident that the community's future is in good hands. She would like both the community and the Council to know how proud she is to have served them and how lucky she feels to have been part of such a supportive and innovative team.