Harrison Lake with facing the mountains

Harrison Lake


Harrison Lake is the largest lake in the southern Coast Mountains of Canada. The lake is glacial fed and is about 60 km in length and at its widest almost 9 km across. The lake can be accessed by road or by boat at many points.

The Village Centre runs parallel to its southern shore with the Province of BC, District of Kent, Fraser Valley Regional District and Sasquatch Provincial Park also having jurisdiction over lands surrounding the lake.

Weather and water conditions play a big role in your safety on the water. Before heading out on the lake, make sure you get the latest forecast for your area and that you understand what it means. You should also be aware that Harrison Lake is known for its unpredictable weather conditions and like many other Canadian lakes, water temperatures can vary throughout the year.

Thunderstorms can also strike quickly and without warning, so keep your eye on the sky when you are out on the water. If it starts to look dark and cloudy, and conditions are changing quickly, head for shore. Remember to check your up-to-date nautical charts in advance so that you will know where to find shelter.


The resort community of Harrison Hot Springs lies at the southern end of Harrison Lake.  The lake offers beautiful sandy beaches along with picturesque parks, swim areas, playgrounds and a wide variety of water activities situated along the beach area. Rendall Park has a designated area with picnic tables and port-a-potties and provides a cordoned off swimming area.  The lagoon area of the beach offers a quiet, safe swim area for children and is surrounded by a pathway that is enjoyed by joggers, walkers and pet owners.