Harrison Lake with a hotel in the background

Bylaw Enforcement

The Village of Harrison Hot Springs’ bylaw enforcement is contracted out on an annual basis.  Municipal bylaws set standards for the community and are important tools to educate and inform the public. 

Bylaw Enforcement Officers investigate complaints with impartiality; gather evidence according the established regulations and resolve bylaw issues within the community.    All officers will be proactive in responding to complaints and work to promote compliance with Village bylaws, regulations and programs.  Officers also provide public education and awareness of all local bylaws. This will ensure a safe and healthy environment for the citizens of the community.

If you encounter or observe any potential violation and wish to file a complaint, please report these to the Village Office at 604-796-2171 or complete the Bylaw Enforcement Complaint Form. This information is kept strictly confidential.

Specifics of the complaint will be required: name and address of the property owner (if possible) where the bylaw infraction took place will be beneficial to the investigating officer.